Stephanie Sogg, Ph.D.: Preparing Patients For Weight Loss Surgery-CE Home Study


An Interview with Stephanie Sogg, Ph.D.: Preparing Patients For Weight Loss Surgery

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An Interview with Stephanie Sogg, Ph.D.: Preparing Patients For Weight Loss Surgery

Dr. Sogg is a licensed clinical psychologist, practicing in the field of obesity for 14 years.  She is a full-time clinician in an obesity medicine practice at the Massachusetts General Hospital Weight Center, and an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School.  Dr. Sogg has worked with thousands of patients with obesity, spanning the entire age range from children to older adults.

She also conducts clinical research focusing on the psychosocial aspects of obesity and weight loss surgery, and teaches and presents locally, nationally, and internationally on topics pertaining to obesity.  She has served on the Clinical and Education committees of The Obesity Society, and was recently elected to the ASMBS Integrated Health Executive Council.  She is the lead author of the revised ASMBS Recommendations for Psychosocial Evaluation of Weight Loss Surgery Patients and the co-chair of the ASMBS Integrated Health Clinical Issues and Guidelines Committee.

Learning Objectives:

  • List sources of information for mental health professionals to learn more about the behavioral aspects of weight loss surgery.
  • List two key factors in emotionally preparing patients for weight loss surgery.


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