Kathryn Zug: Choosing a Billing Service


Kathryn Zug: Choosing a Billing Service


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An Interview with Kathryn Zug, Practice Solutions, LLC: Choosing a Billing Service

Recorded July 18, 2017

Are you thinking about working with or changing to a different billing service? What are the questions to ask? How do you avoid making some of the common mistakes? How do you sort through the many options that are available?

In this TPI Interview with the Experts Kathryn addresses the following questions:

  1. What are the biggest complaints that mental health professionals have doing their own billing?
  2. What are the biggest complaints that clinicians have with their current billing service?
  3. What questions would you suggest that a therapist ask when looking for a new billing service?
  4. What are some key indicators that a billing service is worth working with? What services should a billing service provide? 
  5. How can a practice owner verify that the data being submitted to insurance companies is accurate so they can avoid rejected claims?
  6. What contractual requirements are standard for a billing service?
  7. What certifications/qualifications set billing services apart/why are they important?
  8. What pitfalls do clinicians need to watch out for when selecting a billing service?

About Kathryn Zug:

Kathryn Zug is the Founder and CEO of Practice Solutions, a medical billing company for the mental and behavioral health industry.

She started her career with a bachelor’s degree in pre-counseling with the hopes of becoming a therapist herself, but that plan took a turn when she spent a couple years in downtown Chicago’s financial world working at a private equity firm. From there she took her passion for the mental health world and combined it with her passion for healthy business.

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