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An mp3 audio recording of exclusive TPI interview with Dr. Jeff Zimmerman, co-author (with Diane Libby, CPA) of Financial Management For Your Mental Health Practice: Key Concepts Made Simple

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An Interview with Jeff Zimmerman, Ph.D., co-author (with Diane Libby, CPA of Financial Management For Your Mental Health Practice: Key Concepts Made Simple

Recorded Feb 23, 2016

From the Publisher’s Website

Perhaps no issue is more important to the sustained success of a mental health practice than understanding the financial aspects of running a business. Yet this topic receives such little attention in training Without full awareness of where revenues are coming from, and where they are allocated in the practice, how can a small business owner know how they are doing financially? Could you be doing better? Where should you invest more resources? Where could you cut expenses? How can you review financial statements in order to plan for sustained growth in your practice?

One need not be a CPA to develop and maintain a successful practice; but understanding basic accounting concepts is one of the necessary ingredients. In this book Dr. Zimmerman combines his years of experience running a large mental health practice and consulting to mental health practices, with Ms. Libby’s years of experience working as a CPA for mental health practices, to develop a helpful and important primer that is essential reading for anyone wanting a financially successful practice.

Dr. Zimmerman is a licensed psychologist (Connecticut and New York) in independent practice for over 30 years. He returned to solo practice in 2007 after serving as a founding and managing partner of a group practice for 22 years. Dr. Zimmerman is a founding partner of The Practice Institute, LLC , and co-author of The Ethics of Private Practice: A Guide for Mental Health Clinicians. He is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association and past-President of the Connecticut Psychological Association and is currently President-elect of APA Division of Psychotherapy (Div 29)

Learning Objectives

  1. List two features and advantages of creating a dashboard for one’s practice.
  2. List two key features to look for in building a relationship with an accountant