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Recorded interview with Dr. Rachel Bédard. Scroll down for details.

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Individual practice, Team success…With Dr. Rachel Bédard


If you prefer working in solo practice, but also want to provide comprehensive services for your clients – especially those who have special needs due to diversity, social marginalization or other factors – consider collaborating as a team with other professionals outside of your practice. Not only does such a practice model benefit patients, it is also less isolating and lonely for clinicians. Moreover, it can be financially successful.

Dr. Rachel Bédard, a psychologist in private practice in Colorado, shares how she transformed her individual practice into a team event out of necessity, and now would never go back to working in isolation.

Learning Objectives:
Participants will be able to:

  • Describe how a mental health clinician in solo practice can serve clients who are marginalized and have special needs.
  • List the elements that promote team collaboration among varied professionals who are in independent practice

About Rachel Bédard, Ph.D. – Dr. Bédard graduated from Colorado State University with a PhD in Counseling Psychology. She currently works in private practice and many of her clients live on the autism spectrum.

Dr. Bédard is known for finding strengths and solutions in the midst of stressful solutions, and using humor to help clients find their way to success.

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