Ethical Marketing


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Have you considered that, as licensed mental health professionals, marketing is our ETHICAL DUTY?

Dr. Pauline Wallin explained why in her 4-hour workshop at the New Jersey Psychological Association Spring Conference:

Ethical Marketing to Enhance Your Reputation and Increase Referrals

The live audio has been combined with the slide presentations into a self-paced series of slideshow videos that you can view on your computer or mobile device. Here’s a sample:  With effective, ethical marketing you can stand out as the go-to mental health professional when they are ready to make an appointment.

What you’ll learn in this home-study workshop:

  • Why marketing is our ethical duty
  • Difference between marketing and selling
  • How to reach people who need, want and can pay for your services
  • Ways to market your practice online and offline
  • How to develop your platform and brand
  • Ethical considerations in marketing
  • Create your “elevator speech”
  • Writing for the public – Don’t make these mistakes
  • Search techniques to quickly find authoritative content for presentations, articles & blog posts
  • How to boost your ranking in Google search results
  • How to repurpose your content for wider distribution
  • … And more

Here’s a sample preview:



What’s included in the home study version of the workshop – Instant downloads of:

  • 14 narrated slideshow presentations in video format. Each segment shows the slides with audio from the live workshop, as you see above. Each self-contained segment is 15 minutes or less. Convenient if you don’t have large blocks of free time.
  • 159 Slide images of the entire workshop (PDF format). Print them out if you wish.
  • Audio-only segments in mp3 format. Download to your computer or mobile device.
  • Audio transcripts. Convenient if you prefer to read rather than listen.  Also, since the recording is not studio quality, the transcripts are useful if you miss a few words on the audio.
  • Complete set of handouts and worksheets, identical to those that were distributed at the live workshop.


3 ways to learn the material:

1. Narrated slideshows

2. Audio recording + slide images (on screen or printed out)

3. Transcript + slide images (on screen or printed out)