Brad Pliner – The Ins and Outs of Electronic Health Records


Brad Pliner – The Ins and Outs of Electronic Health Records

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An Interview with Brad Pliner, owner of TherapyNotes: The Ins and Outs of Electronic Health Records

Recorded Jan 10, 2017
Have you been thinking about moving from paper to digital records? Do you have questions about whether you need EHRs or how to evaluate the options that are available?
In this informative session, Brad answers the following questions:
  • What are some benefits of EHRs?
  • What are the top 3 considerations a mental health professional should assess when looking at an EHR company?
  • Some EHR companies claim they are HIPAA compliant. Are they? Or is this a marketing ploy?
  • What security and data protection features should be in place when using an EHR?
  • How can you really assess ease of use of an EHR program?
  • What about cost? How does this typically work? What should you be cautious about?
  • If you want to leave the EHR at some point, how easy is it to take your data? What should be in place at the outset?

About Brad Pliner:

Brad Pliner, IT consultant and software developer, built TherapyNotes from  an electronic record storage system that he originally created for his wife, Debra Pliner, Ph.D., to use in her psychology practice. After many enhancements and refinements, they launched TherapyNotes in 2010.
TherapyNotes has since grown to become the market leader for behavioral health practice management software, utilized by thousands of practices and clinicians.

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